Be happy today :-)

Be happy today :-)


Niharika Agarwal LSE

London School of Economics and Political Science: Celebrating its 25th year in 2013, it is one of the largest university summer schools in Europe. The Summer School programme offers over 60 intensively taught top-level three-week courses, in Accounting, Finance, Law, Economics, Management and International Relations.

Based on regular undergraduate courses taught at LSE and instructed by leading international faculty. The programme provides a unique learning experience and is the perfect enhancement to a degree or professional development.

Perfection, Obsession and Pure Madness

Releasing the Leatherbound


When I was eight years old I wrote my first short story. It was about a mad composer. He wrote scores and scores of music. He led an orchestra. He was a performer. An artist. But none of his songs were just right. He believed that if he wrote the perfect song, it would come to life. He believed that once he wrote that perfect song, he could see it before his very own eyes and touch it and feel it and live it. And so, he lived. As a mad composer. Someone who became obsessed with writing that perfect song. He would write a score and crumple the paper. He would write another score and rip that paper. He would write and crumple and write and rip until his fingers cramped and his pencil grew so small he could no longer sharpen it with his aching fingers. In essence…

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Feeling Better (A.K.A. Becoming the Master of Distraction)

Skylar A. P. Gott

I have never been that great at doing this whole “sick day” thing. Today, however, I sucked it up and made myself stay put on the futon with enough Sprite to probably fill a swimming pool and my laptop. Upon spending many hours baffled as to why I do not spend more time “surfing the interwebs”, I discovered several gems. One of these precious jewels comes from a website called the Thought Catalog. I saw that there is an “About” link on the site, but honestly I was not interested in clicking it. There were no foreseeable pictures and I was not reading anything word for word (thank you cold medicine). With that being said, I have no idea why this website exists or who the contributors are, but I found some pretty frank and fantastic reads. One was particularly fitting for my current situation of being all germy and…

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