Feeling Better (A.K.A. Becoming the Master of Distraction)

Skylar A. P. Gott

I have never been that great at doing this whole “sick day” thing. Today, however, I sucked it up and made myself stay put on the futon with enough Sprite to probably fill a swimming pool and my laptop. Upon spending many hours baffled as to why I do not spend more time “surfing the interwebs”, I discovered several gems. One of these precious jewels comes from a website called the Thought Catalog. I saw that there is an “About” link on the site, but honestly I was not interested in clicking it. There were no foreseeable pictures and I was not reading anything word for word (thank you cold medicine). With that being said, I have no idea why this website exists or who the contributors are, but I found some pretty frank and fantastic reads. One was particularly fitting for my current situation of being all germy and…

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Stan Goldberg Interview Coming Soon!

Hardy and Drew Mysteries

That’s right – an interview with THE Stan Goldberg!!! 😀 I told you guys to watch for cool Papercutz announcements here! I wasn’t kidding! I’m really excited and honored and blessed to get to talk with Stan Goldberg, who’s not only a cool artist, but also a very nice guy. 😎 He currently draws for Papercutz’s Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew graphic novels and also for the Three Stooges graphic novels. He’s worked with Marvel Comics and Archie comics, so more than likely – if you love comics – you’ve gotten to enjoy a lot of his illustrations. 🙂 

So watch for the first installment (aka blog entry) of my interview with Stan Goldberg – coming soon! 🙂 😎

Did I mention Papercutz rockz? 😉

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the chnott and the sarborant

Taps and Ratamacues

A chnott lay in the shearthenware upon the riverbed,
Eating up the fugebrumbs, and probing for his stead.

When upon a sarborant, he happened just to spy
Watchecating silver specks, and not yet gone to die.

“Halloo!” He called with all galand (his kindly voice did squee)
The sarborant just nodded once, with crubbled industry.

“What do you say, dear friendly ‘rant, what misharcheaks have you?”
-Our chnott is nice beyond rebuke, mountanic in his hue-

To which, the sarborant responded, watchecating still
“Inhavictius embergathes and logus emberspill.”

And with that wisdom simply spoke, the sarborant evailed
Leaving sprity slyler specks upon the ground regaled.

A dark night crept in latternish, the riverbed so small
The chnott galand with fugebrumbs, silver specks and all.

NaPoWriMo 2013 Day 16

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The true meaning of rescue

Gardens For Goldens

When a dog arrives at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue, they are welcomed quietly and typically allowed to run or roam in one of the large yards to de-stress and acclimate to their new environment. Over the next couple of days, they spend some time with us for evaluation, are checked by the vet, and have their pictures taken when they are relaxed and feeling more comfortable with their new routine.

This pup’s welcome was a little different with urgent issues to address.


Rose was rescued from a shelter. Had she not been released to us, her fate was pretty clear. She would not sit or lie down through the transport. When she arrived at the adoption center and sanctuary, she could barely walk, perhaps indicating some type of neurological disorder? Most obviously, she was covered in a thick layer of mats from head to tail.


She arrived very…

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London Buses

London Buses

In 1912 the Underground Group, which at that time owned most of the London Underground, bought the LGOC. In 1933 the LGOC, along with the rest of the Underground Group, became part of the new London Passenger Transport Board. The name London General was replaced by London Transport, which became synonymous with the red London bus.