you think you know, but you have no idea

you aren't the only one

After reading ‘Don’t Compare Yourself to Anyone’ by Kovie Biakolo, a lot of my concerns for college students and the reasons they think they have so many problems became extremely clear, like she read my mind.  The article got me asking myself  and those around me lots questions about how much college students specifically are depending on social media to define their own success and failures. I think the biggest issue with social media is that most of what is shared is the good stuff, or the pretend good stuff, and not necessarily the real stuff.  I think Kovie explains it best with the following:

“I think many of us are fond of telling each other only the good parts of our lives. It is one of the ways in which life is a performance. But the reality of everyone’s life is that we all have to endure pain…

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