Thoughts on Carl Rogers’ concept of unconditional positive regard.

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This is merely a personal simple thought that is derived from analyzing Carl Rogers’ concept of unconditional positive regard.

Giving unconditional positive regard to others may cause a negative impact on the receivers and could be misunderstood sometimes. It is interesting because it exists in all cross-cultural behaviors around the globe. It may indeed vary in its methods of communication, and that is what may be the cause of misinterpreting the intentions, whether it is intended to be direct or indirect. It all eventually will reach the same target, regardless of the response. Its positive effects dominate the negatives and remain visible, even if it has been rejected and misinterpreted by the conscious mind of the receiver. The unconscious mind would not refuse to accept it, store it, and recall it later. It transfers from one to another. It is noticeable in everyday life, you see it on your way…

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