this close by dorianne laux


“It’s not heartbreak, you think. You have to be in love to have heartbreak…. This must be something else if it’s not heartbreak. Heart-scraped knees. Heartbruise.”
~ I Think We Should Just Be Friends by V.S. Wells

too damn close to home.

This Close
Dorianne Laux

In the room where we lie,
light stains the drawn shades yellow.
We sweat and pull at each other, climb
with our fingers the slippery ladders of rib.
Wherever our bodies touch, the flesh
comes alive. Head and need, like invisible
animals, gnaw at my breast, the soft
insides of your thighs. What I want
I simply reach out and take, no delicacy now,
the dark human bread I eat handful
by greedy handful. Eyes fingers, mouths,
sweet leeches of desire. Crazy woman,
her brain full of bees, see how her palms curl
into fists and beat the pillow senseless.
And when my body…

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