Things I Just Cannot Do (And Am Trying To Accept)

twenty seven & broke

Cook the perfect steak

I can cook the most elaborate recipes. Even without reading one, I can almost always point out what went into a dish and how to make it look like the picture. Give me a grill and a piece of meat, I’ll most likely start a fire during your family party (may or may not have happened). Maybe it really is a man’s thing and I’ll gladly leave it to them.

Make a bun

Or any hairstyle other than flat ironing it to death. Pintrest tutorials, Asian girls on YouTube. I don’t care what I see and painstakingly try out. Nothing ever sticks. I see you, Kristin Ess, but it’s just not going to happen.

Walk out of Target with only the one thing I intended to buy

We live in reality here. And this reality has a RedCard with a high allowance and no interest. Yes…

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