On Writing a Thought Catolog Post for Twenty-Somethings: An 8-Step Guide

Dreaming Stories

1. In the title, list a specific number of reasons/ways/steps; the phrases “how to” and “twenty-something”; start with the words “On” or “In Which”. Preferably a healthy combination of all of them.

  • “25 Places You Must Definitely Set Foot In Before You’re Twenty-Five.”
  • “In Which I Start a Jam Band On the Streets of Memphis.”
  • “20 Ways Twenty-Somethings are Wasting Their Twenties”

2. Make your topic either universally relatable, or incredibly specific.

  • “A Non-Exhaustive List of the Places I’ve Picked Up Lucky Pennies”
  • “How to Get Waiters to Not Spit In Your Food”
  • “On Spying On Your Neighbors.”

3. Mention New York and faux lament that it sucks there but subtly/blatantly assert that it’s really better than anywhere else in the world. And Brooklyn is the best of the best. But gawd, what’s with all the gentrification? I miss the old days when BKY was all rugged and Real.


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