Long Live #Selfies!

Julie Mastrine

A few weeks ago, I encountered a Thought Catalog post titled Go F*ck Your Selfie, a piece that features the misguided thoughts of one very angry man and his hatred of the “selfie.”

The Thought Catalog author pulled out some lovely Urban Dictionary definitions* of the word “selfie,”definitions that the author “loves.” He writes:

The term ‘selfie’, apologies, I mean #selfie, is an alarming new trend that took off in 2012 for people who now had a hashtag to justify their vanity. I love Urban Dictionary’s definition: 

An act usually carried out by girls aged 12-21, the act involves taking photos of ones self while posing. If the act is carried out by a man, he is usually seen as being gay. 

Example 1: Yo man, I seen you put selfies up on Facebook… You gay cunt!  

Example 2: Hey man, I was doing some Facebook…

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