8 Essentials to a Quality Coffee Shop

Audacity Oven

Like most recent college graduates with a creative and/or liberal arts degree, I have followed my dream, moved to Brooklyn, and become a barista.  It’s because I’m unique, from a special generation, and the much cheaper Midwest I grew up in just doesn’t get me, you know?  Sarcasm—picked that up junior year in creative writing.  Anyway, I was a barista for a few years in Boston as well before finding my way up to New York, putting off my Food Handler’s Certificate Exam, and starting work at another coffee shop.  I’d like to think I have a fairly strong understanding of coffee and the culture that comes with it.  Lord knows how much money I’ve dropped on coffees out rather than just buying a French Press.  Though I will say, the biggest perk of being a barista is definitely all the free coffee.  Seriously, you will build an addiction and…

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