Orc Stain Volume 1

niharika agarwal LSE


Written, drawn, lettered and coloured by James Stokoe

Published by Image Comics

Orc Stain Cover

Finding myself with strong urges to blast away the lingering odour of superheroes, I had to choose the most pungent book in my collection, a book so malodorous it leaves a mark, the riotous, violent radness that is Orc Stain.

For millennia the orcs have swarmed all over the globe but their failure to unite under a single leader has saved the world from domination. Now from deep in the south come rumblings of a mighty chieftain know as the Orctzar and the stain of orcdom begins to spread northward.


We can’t go far in this world with out talking about the gronch, luckily for us Mr Stokoe has provided us with a handy infographic.

Orc Stain Gronch Diagrams

That’s right, this is a whole culture based on using dicks as currency. If that is not to your liking then this is not the book for you…

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